Check out this TECNO PHANTOM PHONES, the best you can ever dream of.

The Tecno Phantom Z Mini comes with a great smooth device that fits absolutely well in your hands for you to swipe and make calls as well as enjoying immersive viewing experience that keeps you fully occupied. It sports 5.2 inch HD scratchproof capacitive touchscreen that helps you to view your files, pictures and videos in high motion. It runs on Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat operating system which presents you with a fluid and perceptive border when browsing online which permits you have access to a multitude of applications. The smooth and fast running of the phone is as a result of the 2 GHz Octa core processing speed which powers it and the 32GB HDD 2GB RAM supports it.Capturing all the special moments in life. you can also use the  16MP camera for taking crystal clear pictures, and also quality video calls.

The 4.5 inch display screen size contentedly allows your finger to swipe all applications easily. There is hardly anything you could need as a mobile phone as it is a superb companion for your social lifestyle. The smart device guarantees you the best out of the super fast internet connectivity which allows you enjoy various downloads.

The Android phone comes with a capacity of 1GB RAM memory that is capable to save as many multimedia files. The black colour H6 Tecno mobile phone comes with superb features that keeps you going.


HUAWEI P8MAX- A well built and solid phone in its structure.


The big and extraordinary 6.8" FHD LTPS LCD display of the Huawei P8max with Content Adaptive Backlight Control (CABC) aims for brilliant viewing angles, sharper images and an unbelievable screen experience.


The Huawei P8max is the first smartphone made with 94% fine aluminum alloy, the same material used in aviation industry. Alongside, the improved combination of structure and circuits, you'll get lower head radiation and improved antenna signal.


The enhanced thermal design lets the phone discharge heat better than magnesium alloy or steel. Furthermore, the unique frame design covers all heat generating areas, so that users get more efficiency and comfort.

The most superior Samsung phones you can get.

Creating a new standard for devise, craftsmanship and concert, the Galaxy S6 edge faultlessly merge quality resources with the most superior Samsung technology to offer consumers an unrivaled mobile skill. Prepared with first-of-its-kind curved screen technology, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is the most superior smartphone in the market.


The Galaxy S6 edge shows unique and outstanding beauty while also providing a solid grip and an immersive viewing experience with the world’s first curved display on both sides.


The F1.9 lenses and high resolution sensors on both front (5MP) and rear (16MP) cameras on the Galaxy S6 edge provide the most superior image quality in a smartphone, even in the dark.\


With fully embedded WPC and PMA certified wireless charging technology, the Galaxy S6 edge works with any wireless pad available in the market that supports WPC and PMA standards.

Check out this BLACKBERRY PASSPORT- It is the best you can ever think of. it also comes in different types.

You can make use of this blackberry passport to reach out with friends and it is also a perfect phone for work, the blackberry passport is wonderful and also incredible for typing. it has a perfect substantial keyboards you can ever see on a smart phone. it also goes with an outsized keys and lots of space. the keyboard is actually touch sensitive, so you can also delete words or even scroll through pages by swiping your fingers on it like a touch pad. And, also to speed things up. It also has a unique shape that works greatly, the shape of the blackberry passport means the keyboard is very wide and easy to use. looking for the best phone for typing? that's the blackberry passport.

 The BLACKBERRY PASSPORT is a hi-tech device from blackberry. it has a large 4.5inch Ips capacitive corning gorilla glass 3 touchscreen for easy use and durability. it is a large square screen phone that will provide you with an incredible viewing and reading experience that is second to none.


Check out this standard Apple Iphones with wi-fi cellular

This Apple Iphone has a 2G network, 16m colors memory, 512mb Ram camera, a capacitive touchscreen and also a video calling over wi -fi and 3G. B the first to make use of this product that has a unique standard.



This Unique and Smart SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND PRIME has a great way of moving you up your feet. it comes in different colors and brand that you will like.

The Galaxy Grand Prime has a 5mp front camera with an ultra-extensive view point of 85 degree. the wilder view point means, you can obtain more of your friends and more of the locale in every shot and leave the selfies attach at home.


Long-lasting battery

You won’t have to worry about your phone running out of juice at the wrong moment. The GALAXY Grand Prime offers a 2,600 mAh battery, so you can watch a lots of videos, listen to musics and it also helps to keep your apps running for a very long period of time.


Latest Secret: Galaxy Note next brand might come without an edged sibling

Sumsung keeps coming up with different unique  Galaxy Notes
Drum roll please as  Samsung introduces the new  Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. These two phone were released in a row at the MWC 2015. Notice the Siblings. The funniest part is you could savour these beautiful gadgets as they have Masters and Siblings or should i say Parent and Children, lol.

One cant help but jealous the Korean Company with new advents of the best Note series. Much anticipation is hanging as we still expect to see yet another Release by Samsung on September this year 2015, expect to see the New Note 5 device. Absolutely mind blowing discoveries, visit our blog more often to know when the next Note devices will be springing up, trust us as we shall feed you with all the information. We hear something might be hapenning at the IFA expo coming up soonest, keep your fingers crossed as we await this too.

In 2014, the Note 4 came out along with a rather unexpected sibling - the Galaxy Note Edge.As at then, it was much rumoured that the new release will come with a sibling, well, now we have seen. If u ask me, is so much fun for me as i see that these Notes comes with siblings on the que, its simply amazing.

Seriously, when you think about it, everything seems to hint that the Note Edge is a one-off device. It came out at the height of the curved screen hype and was quite successful in showcasing the new technology's capabilities. but it still look different from S6 edge and simply adopts a different design approach - employing what is essentially a separate screen on the side.
 We'll keep our fingers crossed on what samsung is going to bring up next time.